Apart from its natural beauties, Istria is also known for a wide range of entertainment activities, enabling you to discover the customs of this area in another way. In the summer months, near Ružići, folk festivities are often organized, attracting locals, tourists, children, and adults. At these events, you can buy a variety of locally produced products and enjoy delicious traditional meals and drinks.


May events:

Festival “Krafa” (traditional filled pasta) in the town of Kršan

“Vinistra” international wine exhibition

Open Wine Cellars Day in Istria

“Love Sensual Festival” dance festival

June events:

Petrova folk festivities in the town of Labin

In order to fully experience Labin, every Tuesday during the summer, you can go on an organized evening sightseeing tour of the city, certainly interesting for the whole family.

July / August events:

The Labin Art Republic, a famous festival of culture and art

Legendfest in Pićan, a folk festival, filled with the legends and myths of Istria

Numerous folk festivals with traditional customs of the region, local music, costumes, and culture can be experienced, strongly recommended when visiting Istria


Motovun Film Festival

Pula Film Festival, held in July in Arena Pula, the oldest film festival in Croatia

From September to November, in the places in central Istria, organised are Truffle Days, celebrating the most famous Istrian delicacies. It is a great opportunity to visit places like Livade and Motovun to taste some of the finest sweet and salty truffle delicacies.


However, festivals and exhibitions of delicious Istrian delicacies do not end in October since this time of the year is reserved for Mushroom Days in Brtonigla, and another wine exhibition in Svetvinčenat.

Similar to other parts of Croatia, the colder months are a time for Advent festivities. Labin, Poreč, Rovinj, Umag, Pula, and other places in Istria, bring a touch of Christmas in these months, all in their own way providing an abundance of entertainment and fun for everyone. A Christmas concert with performances by renowned Croatian bands and a rich offer of winter meals and drinks is held in Labin the weekend before Christmas.


In January and February, a carnival is held in every village and town in Istria, great fun for the locals. At this the time of year, everything is allowed – joy and vibrancy are all over, making the “Fifth Season” an incredible experience for everyone.

Various festivals are held in Istria throughout the year, such as “Seastar Festival”,, in Umag at the end of May, which attracts numerous, hip-hop, house, latino and electronic music lovers. The MTV SummerBlast is held in the summer time in Poreč, as well as the Poreč Open Air Festival which offer everyday fun for all ages.

In summer, the Rabac Open Air Festival is held in Rabac, which brings daily entertainment, various children's attractions, workshops, concerts, street musicians, entertainers and more to the streets of Rabac. Various beach bars along the promenade in Rabac attract visitors with their modern look, combined with their great cocktail offer and good music, ensuring relaxation and fun.